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Mathakk Mathakk:

Damn this is better than porn. I lost my boner, but you know whats better than jerking off? K N O W L E D G E

NotActuallyObama NotActuallyObama:

this is important! but I'm out here trying to figure out which level diamonds spawn on in Minecraft. anybody know?

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

good sex video waiting for huskies under the video

jo3tru jo3tru:

15 and lower, better luck at about 11

msutopia msutopia:

Great video. Thx for advice

thomasfaq thomasfaq:

Diamonds can be found on y5 to y17 i think but most common on y5 to y13 pretty sure

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

Pussy sexy)

trymjj trymjj:

I've had o lot of luck on y:11, around there.

devourerofsouls devourerofsouls:

y=10 is a good spot to try

666OU812 666OU812:

your profile picture is really ugly


yanodu is fucking wrong its not level 16 and he fucking knows it he is trying to mess you up its level 12 but do subscribe to pewdiepie

Danneandjenny Danneandjenny:

This was genuine, entertaining and damn hot. Great video Indigo!

AGoodNutBust AGoodNutBust:

Intellect +100

Pornpiratezoro Pornpiratezoro:

Real problem is getting the girl to agree to be there

pastelbody pastelbody:

Hope you will read this. First of all, nice video. I have considered myself to be pretty skilled but this video explained a lot of things to me (hope gf will notice that). Second of all, I’m really happy that some really cool people with good personality (and a fucking sexy body) are making videos on this site. Consider making a part two (about choking maybe?). P.S. I have the same 9yo merch.

duck11111 duck11111:

I'm sorry I can't watch this cuz 1 I'm 9 and 2 I can only watch vids that are under 10:01

ScentlessSlong ScentlessSlong:

She is our queen and we must protect her "holiness"

musicmaestro25 musicmaestro25:

Fkn thank you! I really appreciated this. basically a total virgin but I wanna be able to do this right ya know. very insightful. the world needed this vid. once again. much appreciated!!!

Matty-Daddy Matty-Daddy:

Over an hour of Ms. Indigo? Time to grab the snacks!

Nut-trition Nut-trition:

This should be uploaded to Youtube as an educational video. Good job teaching us how to properly respect wamen!

kivikscitrondtyck kivikscitrondtyck:

actually in the future if stuff doesnt go down it might be youtube has allowed nudity on the platform if its counted as art sex eds like these might also become ok

kivikscitrondtyck kivikscitrondtyck:

Virgin boys rise up!

LasersAndRobots LasersAndRobots:

h​​ot vi​​d! ​f​ul​​l​ ver​s​io​n ​​a​va​il​​ab​le at​ S​​teps​is​t​er​N​a​k​e​​dOn​​C​​a​​m​.​c​o​​m​

clockcup clockcup:

nice advice but next time please for the love of god do more cuts, cuz it is kind of hard to watch. no hate just saying

FoxyToxxic FoxyToxxic:

lol i feel a lot of girls should do these kind of videos on pornhub you're super cute 3

Lkm3274 Lkm3274:

interesting. although the ball inside isn't your g spot. it's your cervix. g spot is the rough bit on the front wall about 2 - 3 inches in. when you put your fingers up hook them you'll feel it. you're welcome.

ISeeYouWatchPorn ISeeYouWatchPorn:

69 minutes hehe

Anon300400 Anon300400:

waiting for part 2. I hope u make one

xoWhspr xoWhspr:


Epicgamer1111 Epicgamer1111:

Thank you

Hebry Hebry:

Pulled up my pants and listened

incog_neeto4 incog_neeto4:

this is going to save me a hell of a LOT of trouble, thank you so much!

ncksn ncksn:

clockcup clockcup:

3:24, that is what she said

DualShock2001 DualShock2001:

Very helpful! thanks fellow Nineyear old

Lonely_Man_72 Lonely_Man_72:

Damn! You got some nice tits on you. You look good naked.

cocofan187 cocofan187:

You also start with Anal if you are catholic.

666OU812 666OU812:

you sound like my old priest

ScentlessSlong ScentlessSlong:

37:12 time for anal

hotgamerboy hotgamerboy:

can you start whitout a condom for a first time and then after few ins and outs can you put it on?

anidude98 anidude98:


0Edmiller0 0Edmiller0:

bulshit what you say. not all girls same. if you love her, treat her with respect and when not, fuck girl like bitch.

ScentlessSlong ScentlessSlong:

I two speak like ape we have must stick to tether my fellow primate

feetloverS2 feetloverS2:

great video! very nice advice!

FakeGirlfriend69 FakeGirlfriend69:

this video made me horny ♥♥ please watch our valentines day hardcore porn special ♥

AlexanderPain AlexanderPain:

Damn you really seem like the kind of person that i would like to grab a cup of coffe with. Freaking internet ...

Captain___Fap Captain___Fap:

wow, so many good tips! Learned alot! Thank you!

DevinMacdonald DevinMacdonald:

Do a part two, this was better than porn

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

this juicy pussy and I wanted to lick

boblikesporns boblikesporns:

bruh, this is great and all but when you dropping a 'how to TALK to girls' advice vid? V-days tomorrow and it looks like imma be at home watching week shit #RIP

dobbelss dobbelss:

wanna fuck tomorrow

Omgoshwhy Omgoshwhy:

Claspppppppp....*wipes screen."

ChoclateGuy69 ChoclateGuy69:

Glad to know this now i actually need a girl who’s willing to do this with me.. alas maybe someday

Noobface67 Noobface67:

how did i get to this side of youtube wtf this is gross

FreeRunFallacy FreeRunFallacy:

She told gamers to rise up...but something else or rising at the moment.

jamiegillis5 jamiegillis5:

Thanks Indigo very good info.....especially the anal.

fuckman178 fuckman178:

damn whats that discord

Fwamp Fwamp:

As a guy: this was really helpful. We all put a lot of stigma on being experienced right out the gate, but there are times where the opportunities to learn don't come up naturally. (Think of it like the this is an entry-level position but we need 1 year experiencemoment). This video had a good mix of being friendly, humorous, and being, for lack of a better term, "professional". One constructive point to bring up: a bit more of a "game plan" would help avoid some pace issues that can arrise.

carly25f2 carly25f2:

very sexy, well done

tonguemyass1 tonguemyass1:

Some girls hate it when you edge them and go from teasing to almost an orgasm time and time again. Others love it, but some just want to cum when they're close. Just keep that in mind.

fwandf fwandf:

Cool, all info in one video.

MsStacy08 MsStacy08:

Wow nice

Silencio9 Silencio9:

Hi Indigo, this video is really usefull, but maybe you can add subtitles for the persons who are not very good in english (like me) ^^

demivanmaar demivanmaar:

I loved it, Indigo. It was good to see that you really wanted to help and you spoke freely and genuinely. And you look awesome by the way

What I Need What I Need:

Fuck that ass!

Darkaces Darkaces:

I appreciate videos like these on pornhub. You were informative and gorgeous throughout the entire video. Whenever you do the S&M one, I'll favorite that one as well.

tight_brunette tight_brunette:

Logged in just to tell you how fucking cool you are!

The_WrenchXD The_WrenchXD:

school's should play this for every sex-ed class!

Macgomez303 Macgomez303:

really helps

MrFuckalot MrFuckalot:

thank you for this kind of tutorial lol

familyfucking familyfucking:

U think women also study this?

Haxed11 Haxed11:

This was a lovely video! Thank you so much for making this, I would love to see a part 2 about anything!

boylibog99 boylibog99:

Do you have sex video.. You are in the video.??

fxckherinthepxssy fxckherinthepxssy:

monkaS brother

MangoKinks MangoKinks:

Great lesson, good fap

clockcup clockcup:

damn the sub gap is getting smaller, help pewdiepie

candy-crusher candy-crusher:

Thanks for making this love, I actually logged in to subscribe. Busy makin baby gravy, but I'm gonna cum back to this ;*

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