LeoLulu rencontre MySweetApple! Ça baise comme des petits fous partout

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Leolulu Leolulu:

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING So the first time we met with MySweetApple and Luna X James, we had a crazy intense afternoon of hot sex and hard laughs only a few hours after meeting each other x) In this video you’ll see us getting to know Kim and Paolo from MySweetApple and you can see we get along just fine

Custis3017 Custis3017:

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mj_porn mj_porn:

Hot couples!

ThePerfectCpl ThePerfectCpl:

OMFG that's the hottest collaboration of all time! Well done guys!

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Kim Equinoxx Kim Equinoxx:

This is one of my favorite, you are just incredible, you are 2 couples very amazing ! Nice video ❤❤❤

69fetishcouple 69fetishcouple:

You have hot feet Leolulu, any fun with them?

Best Catchy Couple Best Catchy Couple:

Very Very nice done! Congratulations Guys! ;* XoXo

MySweetApple MySweetApple:

This is so perfect and such a great throwback to that crazy afternoon! I only wish you'd see how pretty our entrance wall looks now LOL

Lil Blu Lil Blu:

I would love to meet all of you guys and do videos with you. I'm still trying to get my channel started with amateur home made stuff. 3 keep it up. I hope to oneday meet you all and have some fun.

Leolulu Leolulu:

And you might have recognised Luna from LunaXJames in the beginning gf the video!

Murakumo18 Murakumo18:

The most ambitious crossover event after Infinity War.

OmarTheThick OmarTheThick:

Damn you beat me too it

giantjack59 giantjack59:

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dimitris84paok dimitris84paok:

i wish they could swing.

Daddy_Time Daddy_Time:

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Daddys Little Emily Daddys Little Emily:

I wish the guys took turns fucking all three girls

Nevminoze Nevminoze:

Where did you lose the third girl?

BeeMaine BeeMaine:

I usually watch lunaxjames videos since i find her extremely beautfil, but I'd hazard a guess that they're not so big on couple shooting as the other 2. They've always seemed a lot more personal about their filmmaking.That said, what these 3 couples are doing is literally the future of amateur porn. vlog/private-style videos.

Lil Blu Lil Blu:

my thoughts too. Luna x James didn't stay

TimkaRuSpb TimkaRuSpb:

Damn dude the playlist is amazing. Enjoyed it more than video

LittleHorse LittleHorse:

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It gets better and better, but the other guy should have at least touched Lulu...

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Miss Charm Miss Charm:

WOW! This video made my evening. An incredible party

k271828 k271828:

Even among such beauty, Leo stands out as the most exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing the fun with us.

LittleReislin LittleReislin:

Wow! Cool video! I think you really had fun making this video. I hope you had a good time. You guys are great! Love your videos!❤❤❤

samme1g samme1g:

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Woody126 Woody126:

Damn, no swing, no lez. I am disappointed

KristalAss KristalAss:

Merci pour ce show toujours innovant beau décors belle prestation Leo t es au top à bientôt mouakkkkk

centerk centerk:


TravisTouch87 TravisTouch87:

Love the cross overs and guests lately! So fucking hot! Keep up the great work!

Sex_Travels Sex_Travels:

Where is Luna??

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

Oh my God it is a Dream.

Sweet Bunny Sweet Bunny:

Wow, great video! You never fail to amaze me! Kisses!

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This is boring as fuck.

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Mia Bandini Mia Bandini:

I got excited! really like this video!

good_old_sammy good_old_sammy:

Non mais à un moment c'est plus possible là. Vous allez nous tuer ^^

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xxx081981xxx xxx081981xxx:

Hottest collaboration ever!

Laurent06300 Laurent06300:

Superbe vidéo, ultra excitante !!

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ezzzeee ezzzeee:

i was waiting for yall to switch partners...

Adidas165 Adidas165:

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kalikye kalikye:

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JohnCena3580 JohnCena3580:

Whats the song at the 20 minute mark?

Mishkoy Mishkoy:

TrashBoat2000 TrashBoat2000:

Hell yeah, Shadowboxin by GZA is one of my favorite songs of all time

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horny-Bi horny-Bi:

hot but shitty camera work

TheDerector TheDerector:

All my favorit person AWEASOM!!!

AnnaFuriosa AnnaFuriosa:

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bradbrainsxxx bradbrainsxxx:

Great content guys. So hot. Loving the crossovers!

LuciusFaust LuciusFaust:

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thisisforfun17 thisisforfun17:

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maciey1 maciey1:

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Luna Leve Luna Leve:

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SirenSex SirenSex:

Have a great time guys)

BadBoyPL88 BadBoyPL88:

I can say only... WOW!

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Three of my favorite couples all together. Well done. Thanks

Blackcheetah10 Blackcheetah10:

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thepinkpanther thepinkpanther:

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Best Catchy Couple Best Catchy Couple:

Very Very nice done! Congratulations Guys! ;* XoXo

JavierHolgado JavierHolgado:

What a Bang Bang ! That's the Europe we like, not the Merkel-Macron strap-on & femdom sessions :-p

FullofPC FullofPC:

Lov2eatpussy Lov2eatpussy:

Love all three. Watched each video from the three parties involved, it was a treat, hope you all can do this again. Wish I could be in the loop.

cataleya25 cataleya25:

Great job you guys

EmiLeeWonder EmiLeeWonder:

Wow! This very horny atmosphere!

mqthefool mqthefool:

This video is absolutely mindblowing. It made my day. Hell, it made my year so far.

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PetitTits PetitTits:

What else I can say, awesome as always xx

mattbou mattbou:

Le choc des Titans

cravingpussy cravingpussy:

Awesome video looks like a lot of fun was had

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